About Me

About Me

My Story

I am a life long art lover and adventurist. Traveling the world leaving a small footprint with photography.

a European photographer

in the Wild West

Malaika Dixon is a European artist, world traveler and wife to an authentic cowboy. In 2016 she dropped out of her last year of the Dutch Art Academy to move across the sea for life’s absolute greatest adventure; love.

The USA opened her eyes to new passions. Cattle, horses and the American ranch life made her feel meaningful and at home. However, Malaika stays a true European that loves to wine and dine, leaving her slightly homesick to the romantic, historical European cities.

Now, after multiple art academies and a career as island photographer in Bali behind her she is ready to serve Utah as the a uniquely positioned, story telling, all-around photographer.

My Style

As an Amsterdam graduate in Fashion & Branding I value storytelling. Each photo should trigger a fantastic memory and suck you into the story.


My Roots

My camera led me to live in different places on this earth like The Netherlands, Bali and currently the USA.

My Travels

Photo Sessions

If you have an event coming up or a wedding to plan I'd like to take you out for coffee.

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Our personal approach and unmatched passion do not go unnoticed! Read about our client's experiences with us.

Our Vision

Everybody has a story that needs to be told and saved as a precious memory. Something we can look back at with a smile in the years to come.

Our Mission

We bring these stories to life so you and your future generations will always have something to remember these wonderful times by.

Our Values

We value your events, the memories you make & the story you have to tell. Let us hep you visualize that.

Creative Solutions

So whether you are graduating and need senior pictures, just got engaged and need a wedding package or have a fantastic story you want to visualize, we will be here to fulfill all your glorious photography needs.

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